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To groom or not to groom? That is the question. Dog grooming has more benefits than keeping your pup looking its best. Grooming is about maintaining your dog’s physical health as well as its appearance. Grooming regularly can be as essential as regular visits to the local vet. In this Poop Angel’s blog post we’ll share our pet-loving opinion about why dog grooming is important. But we’ll leave the answer to you.

Why groom your dog


Dog Hair is Trouble

If your dog has hair, and most dogs do, whether a little hair or a lot of hair, that hair comes with trouble. Your dog’s hair can become matted and tangled. Dog hair can hide flea and tick infestations. Moreover, dog hair makes a general mess on your furniture, carpet, clothes, and in your car. Brushing benefits all dogs no matter the breed. Brushing helps to remove dead fur, dirt, and dandruff. A little brushing goes a long way.

Finds Abnormalities

One advantage of grooming is becoming familiar with your dog’s body. It’s an opportunity for you or your regular groomer to spot marks, changes to your dog’s skin, or to locate unusual lumps and bumps. It is critical to detect disease at an early stage and grooming is a tool to help improve your chances of finding anything abnormal.

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Helps Kill Order

Grooming your dog eliminates unpleasant smells. Many dog owners will tell you that their dog has it’s own unique smell. Some smells are more potent than others. Your dog’s unique, natural scent can cling to blankets, carpets, rugs, and most fabrics in your home. A bath is the most obvious solution to a stinky dog.

Promotes Fresh Breath

Bad dog breath is a serious issue especially if your furry pal sleeps with you. When you get to the source of the problem, which is usually plaque or bacteria buildup on the teeth, treating dog breath is a breeze. Brushing your dog’s teeth on a regular basis can help prevent not only bad breath but also common tooth problems like decay.

Maintains Nail Health

Let us not forget the importance of grooming your dog’s nails. There is no way out of nail trimming. Your dog’s claws are constantly growing. Long nails are not just unsightly, they are uncomfortable for your dog. Too long nails may force your dog’s gait to change and can cause your dog to walk on the sides of its paws. This is not only painful, but it can also lead to bone deformations and arthritis.

Healthy Ear Care

Lastly, dog grooming helps to take care of your pooch’s ears. Dogs with hairy or waxy ears may require a little more attention and additional ear care. Some dogs are especially prone to ear infections. Clean ears are less likely to get infected, have ear mites, or have other related problems.

To groom or not to groom is totally up to you. If you are interested in learning what’s best for your breed of dog or have questions about “how often to groom your dog”, or “how much professional dog grooming costs”, we’d suggest you check our List of Dog Groomers in Essex County, New Jersey and schedule an appointment.