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Why Do We Love Golden Retrievers So Much?

Why Do We Love Golden Retrievers So Much?  According to Poop Angel’s research, Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in Essex and Passaic counties. The American Kennel Club ranks it the 3rd most popular dog breed in the United States. What makes these dogs so appealing to us, though? Here are some reasons that Golden Retrievers have captured our hearts and earned their popularity. 

Why we love golden retrievers

We relate to the Golden Retriever

Studies suggest that the relationship between humans and dogs is a very special one. In fact, pets can have such an enormous impact on the lives of their owners that some researchers think they’re great tools for alleviating depression. Dogs may even help us live longer. There are several reasons why we relate to them: They’re loyal, they forgive easily, and they make little-to-no demands on our time. But it seems there’s something more unique about the Golden Retriever: Its eyes. It’s as if their eyes tell a story all their own; one you want to be a part of. Or we just relate to their playful nature. 

Golden Retrievers are cute!

It’s hard to dispute the cuteness of a golden retriever. With their fluffy fur and charming eyes, they make everyone feel welcome. If there is one thing about golden retrievers that makes them shine, it is their coat. They come in a variety of colors and shades, but no matter what color they are, their fur is always soft and luxurious to touch. Don’t forget their floppy ears and sweet faces. Though these things are high on our cuteness scale, you’ll find it is more than just appearance. They are known for being friendly, family-oriented, and happy-go-lucky dogs that tend to have a good relationship with everyone -especially kids. This breed is known for its sweet temperament and unconditional love. They are active and playful. Just seeing these dogs makes us happy! How could anyone resist all that joyfulness?

Golden Retrievers are easy to train

Golden retrievers are a breed that is easy to train to do anything you need a pet to do, be it fetch or catch mice (they have an extraordinarily strong hunting instinct). They respond well to consistency, praise, and rewards (although you will have to determine what their reward is) and are good at remembering commands. These qualities make them excellent companions for those looking for an obedient dog. Their temperament also makes them great service dogs—they can be trained as guide dogs for blind people or as psychiatric support dogs.

Golden Retrievers want to please us

You can teach a retriever puppy to sit, stay, and lie down. But you cannot teach it to love you for it. Because golden retrievers were bred to work in tandem with humans, they instinctively crave our approval. In contrast, some working breeds (think German shepherds) were trained as guard dogs, so they are more suspicious of strangers than retrievers are. All that unconditional love means goldens are often referred to as the world’s best couch potatoes. What could be better than a loyal dog that loves to snuggle? 

 When we think of dogs, it’s common to think of a golden retriever first. These gentle giants and loyal companions have garnered themselves a special place in our hearts for all that they bring us and for all that they are. Their playful natures, unwavering loyalty, intelligence, good looks, and tolerance make them wonderful family pets. From rescuing those in need to being saviors in our military to helping people with special needs become more independent, golden retrievers are extremely valued dogs across many sectors of society. If you are looking for a dog to keep you company or want a family pet who will never fail to brighten your day, look no further than the awesome Golden Retriever.  

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