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Is cleaning up dog poop off of your yard becoming a boring and mind-numbing task and you find yourself searching for a professional poop service in New Jersey?

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Poop Angels is a full-service pet waste removal company! We will bag all pet waste and hall it away for you.

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Then let Poop Angels, the best dog poop service in New Jersey, take care of the problem for you. Remember, you are not alone. A lot of people find poop scooping to be a repulsive task, even though it is something that has to be done. Luckily, at our dog poop service in New Jersey, we are here to lend you a hand with this cleaning task. When you choose to work with us, understand that you will get a high-quality service, affordably.

West Caldwell Poop Scooping Services & Pricing

Poop Angels is a full-service pet waste removal company offering services throughout Essex County, NJ. We will come and clean up your yard and bag all your pet waste for you.

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3 x's Per Week Poop Scooping
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2 x's Per Week Poop Scooping
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1 x Per Week Poop Scooping
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Special Poop Scooping

Scooping per Visit*

1 Dog – $18.99

2 Dogs – $21.99

3 Dogs – $24.99

4 Dogs – $27.99

Additional Services & Information

One-Time Cleanup –  Charged hourly per worker.  We clean up Dog Poop, Bear Poop, Coyote poop, Deer poop, Fox Poop, Geese Poop, etc.   

Additional Fees: 1st time cleanups, Bigger yards, front yards, loose stool, big dogs, add’l dogs, cleaning out of leaves, rocks, snow, deodorizing.  Contact us for 4 or more times per week. 

*Rates are per visit and based on 1/4 acre of property and are finalized upon seeing the client yard at the initial inspection. All Services are subject to 6.625% NJ tax.

We Offer Dog Poop Service in New Jersey

Are you looking for a poop scoop company in New Jersey that will cater to all your clean-up needs at the most affordable prices? then Poop Angels NJ, our dog poop service in New Jersey is the company for you to look to. We not only offer the most competitive prices available, we also connect our clients to the most qualified cleaning technicians in all our locations in the United States.

While it is obvious that the main reason for hiring poop scooping services is ensuring that the yard is clean and that you live in a clean space, there are lots of other reasons why it is always best to hire a poop service in New Jersey. Some of these reasons include:

  • Legal requirements – the law in New Jersey requires that all dog owners must pick up any dog waste deposited by their pets whether it be on their property, neighbors’ property, or public property. Keep in mind that these pooper scooper laws always come with hefty fines. Therefore hiring poop pick-up services in New Jersey is one of the best ways to avoid these fines, especially when you don’t have the time to do the cleanup yourself.
  • Health hazards – any abandoned dog poop can potentially turn into a breeding ground for parasites that might end up affecting other dogs and people too. Furthermore, contrary to what most people believe, dog poop does not turn into manure. Therefore, it wouldn’t add any nutrients to the grass in your yard. In fact, it might end up turning the grass brown. This is why it is always important to clean up this waste and properly dispose of it.
  • Unsightly environment – whenever you leave dog poop lying around your property, it makes your yard such an unsightly area for you as well as your neighbors. Getting a dog poop service in New Jersey to regularly clean your yard is the best way to turn it into a pristine living space.
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Poop Angels dog poop  scooping services and cleanup throughout NJ
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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Our Dog Waste Removal Service 

Poop Angels
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Chantell Gergen-WolzChantell Gergen-Wolz
17:46 30 Aug 22
Great, reliable service! The yard looks so clean when they're done!I highly recommend.
Michele BryanMichele Bryan
00:01 22 Jul 22
They are very professional and now my yard poop free! I would definitely recommend these people!
James NemecJames Nemec
23:55 09 Jul 22
Very reliable poop scooping company! Grateful they actually called me back! Thanks poop angels for taking care of my yard!
Elizabeth BoudreauElizabeth Boudreau
01:52 01 Jun 22
Poop Angels is awesome. It’s so nice to not have to scoop poop myself. They do such a great job - And I get a text when it’s done! Highly recommend.
Kristine NKristine N
20:25 17 May 22
I am so happy to have found Poop Angels! They came and cleaned up my pet poop. Saves me so much embarrassment and keeps my yard clean! Thank you Heather for keeping my yard clean and odor free!
Poop Angels poop scooping service locations include Sussex County , Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County, NJ.

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Do you not have enough time to clean your yard? Let our dog poop service in New Jersey assist you with these tasks. Contact us today and our poop service in New Jersey will connect you with an experienced agent to help clean up your yard. Call us now!

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