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Poop Scooping Services

Are you looking for a poop scooping service that clearly understands exactly what you need with regard to picking up and disposing of dog poop from your backyard?

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Poop Scooping Services


3 x Per Week Poop Scooping

2 x Per Week Poop Scooping


1 x Per Week Poop Scooping

Special One Time Poop Scooping


Additional Services & Information

One-Time Cleanup -  Charged hourly per worker. Additional Fees: 1st time cleanups, Bigger yards, front yards, loose stool, big dogs, add'l dogs, cleaning out of leaves, rocks, snow, deodorizing.  Contact us for 4 or more times per week.  *Rates are per visit and are finalized upon seeing the client yard at the initial inspection. All Services are subject to 6.625% NJ tax.

Our Mission, as your lawn’s Poop Angel, is to be #1 at scooping up your dog’s #2.

Then Poop Angels dog pooper scooper service in New Jersey is the company for you. We employ our high experience and expertise to ensure that all your poop scooper service in New Jersey needs are properly met. Our pooper scooper service in New Jersey understands that it can be awfully tedious to clean up after dogs every time they poop. This is why calling our poop-scooping New Jersey company will always be the best thing to do. This poop scooping service in New Jersey will cater to all of your dog poop issues and give you that extra time to enjoy the company of your friends and family.

Find a Dog Pooper Scooper Service in New Jersey

Finding a good poop scoop company in New Jersey should not be a challenge anymore, for our pooper scooper service is here to cater to all your cleanup needs. As a seasoned dog pooper scooper service in New Jersey, you can always count on us to tend to all your needs to the fullest. Our poop scooping services have a variety of locations to serve you. Our experience not only allows us to provide quality poop scooper service in New Jersey, it also enables us to be able to easily work hand in hand with you and in turn provide you with a tailor-made poop scooping in New Jersey customer experience. If you are looking for a poop scooping service in New Jersey, then working with us is the best step for you to take. Here are some of the reasons why we are the number one poop-cleaning service in New Jersey:

You're busy. We get it.

Having a full-time job, taking care of the family, cleaning the house, etc. can be taxing when all combined. Let us help with the least favorite chore in your life using poop service in New Jersey!

Healthy Lawn, Healthy Environment.

Dog poop doesn’t fertilize your lawn. As a matter of fact, it does just the opposite. The more brown, the less green. Ugh!

Mess-Free Outdoor Family Time

Happy Homeowners (and Neighbors).

Goodbye Foul Odor.

Your Shoes Will Thank You.

No More Fighting in the Family.

Bacteria Be Gone.

Poop Angels dog poop  scooping services and cleanup throughout NJ
Yard Poop Cleanup

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Poop Angels
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Chantell Gergen-WolzChantell Gergen-Wolz
17:46 30 Aug 22
Great, reliable service! The yard looks so clean when they're done!I highly recommend.
Michele BryanMichele Bryan
00:01 22 Jul 22
They are very professional and now my yard poop free! I would definitely recommend these people!
James NemecJames Nemec
23:55 09 Jul 22
Very reliable poop scooping company! Grateful they actually called me back! Thanks poop angels for taking care of my yard!
Elizabeth BoudreauElizabeth Boudreau
01:52 01 Jun 22
Poop Angels is awesome. It’s so nice to not have to scoop poop myself. They do such a great job - And I get a text when it’s done! Highly recommend.
Kristine NKristine N
20:25 17 May 22
I am so happy to have found Poop Angels! They came and cleaned up my pet poop. Saves me so much embarrassment and keeps my yard clean! Thank you Heather for keeping my yard clean and odor free!

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Are you looking for professional poop scooping services in New Jersey to cater to all your dog poop needs? Then we are the dog pooper scooper service in New Jersey for you. Our professional poop scooper service technicians in New Jersey are always ready to take care of your yard and leave it looking neat. Therefore, when you require poop scooping in New Jersey, simply contact us and get an affordable poop scooping service in New Jersey today. Our pooper scooper service in New Jersey is customer-centered and will always make sure all your issues are fully taken care of. Call us now

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Let the Poop Angels clean up those dirty deeds for you!

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