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Thinking of adopting a pet?

Are you thinking about adopting a dog? This may be a thrilling moment. Falling in love with a dog and wanting to bring them home may be a highly emotional experience. Still, there are several aspects to consider when deciding to adopt a dog.

Resources to adopt a dog

Www.petfinder.com and adoption shelters such as 11th hour are excellent online resources where you can learn more about dogs available in Northern New Jersey and other regions. If you are seeking a certain breed, there are excellent dog rescue organizations that specialize in specific breeds.  Consider choosing a mixed breed that includes at least one of the breeds you are interested in.  Adopting a mixed breed offers numerous health advantages since they tend to maintain most of the combination breed DNA without the health issues that many purebred dogs suffer.

Adopting a Dog

There are many wonderful adoptable dogs that are looking for a nice home. Whatever resource you choose to adopt your dog make sure you provide them with information that is relevant to your lifestyle and requirements. You must enter the matching process knowing your lifestyle and requirements and then seek a dog that will meet your criteria.

Should I adopt an older dog or a puppy?

Adopting an older dog has several advantages over adopting a puppy since you already know what sort of personality the dog has and whether or not it matches yours. Puppies take a lot more effort with house training and chewing, plus you could possibly lose sleep at night caring for their needs. While older dogs have already gone through all of the challenging puppy periods. A puppy may need more time, attention, and training, but hey, they are just so darn cute! Even an older dog will have a period of adjustment to a new home.

Decide what is best for your family in terms of adopting a puppy versus a full-grown dog. Both have advantages so examine the pros and disadvantages carefully before making your final choice.

Other considerations to ponder before you adopt a dog

How physically active are you?

Some dogs have a lot of energy and they need to be matched with someone who will take them out to jog, hike, for long walks, and so on.

How many hours will the dogs spend alone each day?

Most professionals recommend that adult dogs not be left alone for more than 8 to 10 hours. Dogs with smaller or weak bladders are an exception.  Check with a veterinarian.

Do you travel frequently?

If yes, you will need to know your options. Friends and family, pet sitter, pet boarding, etc.

What are the costs to adopt a dog?

Adoption fees vary but on average you can expect to pay between $50 – $150. Depending on the type and size of your pet, the ASPCA estimates annual pet care costs can range from $700 to $1,100 per year. Emergency services can cost between $1500 – $5000.

Do you have the time and resources to devote to training your dog?

You can only train a dog as fast as he can learn. Check out this list of best dog training resources.

Do you have any other pets that the new dog will have to get along with?

If yes, ask the animal shelter or rescue group if you can bring your pet in for an introduction with any dog you are considering for adoption.

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Do you have children or physically challenged people in your household?

Maybe not consider a puppy under 6 months old with children 8 years old or less. A small, less rambunctious dog might be better for physically challenged people.  Again, work with the shelter or rescue group on suggestions.

Dogs have such positive effects on people’s health and happiness, not to mention that they are loyal companions that love unconditionally – it’s hard to find anything as rewarding and fulfilling as having the opportunity to take care of one of these furry friends. And, the great thing about adoption is that it doesn’t just help the dogs; it also helps their owners!

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