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Clifton Poop Removal Services

Poop Scooping Services

Dog Poop isn’t good for your lawn, dog, or you! The Poop Angels dog poop clean-up and removal services will keep your Clifton yard clean! Sign up or schedule a call to get started!

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Clifton Poop Scooping Services

Clifton Yard Clean-Up Services

Are you seeking poop scooping removal services in Clifton or Passaic County, NJ? Do you have dog poop in your Clifton yard? Hate the chore of picking up dog poop? Whether it’s one dog, two dogs – or an entire fleet of fur babies – Poop Angels can handle the job. No more worrying about those dirty deeds left behind. Poop Angles provides poop-scooping services throughout Clifton and Passaic County, NJ

Why Clifton Homeowners Choose Poop Angels for their Dog Poop Clean up & Removal Service?

Online Scheduling Services

Everything you need to schedule and manage your poop removal and clean-up services!

Professional Yard Clean-Up Service

We employ screened, trained, and insured staff to keep your Clifton yard clean and poop-free!

Affordable Poop Scooping Services

We provide dog poop removal and cleanup services throughout Clifton, NJ at an affordable price.

Clifton Poop Scooping Services

Clifton Poop Scooping Services & Pricing

Poop Angels is a full-service pet waste removal company offering services throughout Passaic County, NJ. We will come and clean up your yard and bag all your pet waste for you.

3 x's Per Week Poop Scooping
2 x's Per Week Poop Scooping
1 x Per Week Poop Scooping
Special Poop Scooping

Scoop Once Per Week*

1 Dog – $18.99

2 Dogs – $21.99

3 Dogs – $24.99

4 Dogs – $27.99

Scoop Twice Per Week*

1 Dog – $16.99

2 Dogs – $19.99

3 Dogs – $22.99

4 Dogs – $25.99

Scoop Three Per Week*

1 Dog – $14.99

2 Dogs – $17.99

3 Dogs – $20.99

4 Dogs – $23.99

Additional Services & Information

One-Time Cleanup –  Charged hourly per worker.  We clean up Dog Poop, Bear Poop, Coyote poop, Deer poop, Fox Poop, Geese Poop, etc.   Additional Fees: 1st time cleanups, Bigger yards, front yards, loose stool, big dogs, add’l dogs, cleaning out of leaves, rocks, snow, deodorizing.  Contact us for 4 or more times per week.  *Rates are per visit and are finalized upon seeing the client yard at the initial inspection. All Services are subject to 6.625% NJ tax.

Poop Angels poop scooping service locations include Sussex County , Essex County, Passaic County, and Morris County, NJ.

Tired Of Cleaning Up The Poop In Your Yard? Let Poop Angels Clean It Up For You!

Poop Angels

Dog Poop Scooping and pet waste removal company servicing Northern New Jersey. A division of Trusty Tails Pet Services.

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