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Beagles are adorable dogs that make wonderful companions. Whether you’re considering getting one of these friendly dogs as a pet or have one already, it’s helpful to know more about this breed—its origin, appearance, and personality traits among other things—and why they might be right for you!

All about beagles

Origin of Beagles

The exact origin of beagles is up for debate. It’s not entirely clear where they came from. Some sources say their ancestors were pariah dogs (these are dogs that can fend for themselves) in China or Holland, while others claim they came from a French hound called Basset Artésien Normand or a variety of English scent hounds known as bloodhounds.

The “Beagle” may have gotten its name from the French word “be’geule” meaning “gape throat,” because of the dog’s baying tone. The name could also reference the dog’s stature. The old English word “begele, the French word “beigh,” and the Celtic word “beag,” all mean “small.”

The American Kennel Club first recognized the Beagle in 1885. Today it’s one of America’s favorite breeds.


Appearance of Beagles

Beagles are compact dogs with short legs and long bodies. They have medium-sized chests, rounded bellies, and sturdy frames that allow them to chase small game-like rabbits. Their large, wide pendant ears can move independently of each other in order to pick up on even subtle noises that might give away their quarry’s position. Beagle heads are relatively long and slender with wide muzzles filled with big teeth for grabbing prey. Their wide-set eyes are dark brown, black, or hazel and their coats are medium length, hard, sleek, and easy to take care of. Typically beagles are red or brownish-red in color.


Personality Traits of Beagles

Affectionate, lively and fun-loving, and easy to train: these are just a few of the traits that make beagles one of America’s favorite breeds. Easygoing and playful, beagles are bred to think independently — an uncommon trait in other dog breeds. Curious by nature, they’re always looking for new ways to entertain themselves (and their owners). They get along well with children and often don’t mind being picked up or held on laps. The Beagle is gentle, sociable, brave, and intelligent. They do well with other dogs, but because of their hunting instincts, you must socialize your beagle with non-canine pets when young.

Beagle Health Problems

One of several health problems beagles are prone to is bone cancer. It often shows up in their knees or hips because these areas of their body receive limited blood flow, but it can appear in other parts of their bodies as well. If you’re wondering whether your dog has bone cancer or some other form of cancer, you can tell by observing him for certain symptoms. Consult your vet immediately if you notice any new lumps or bumps on his body, particularly around his joints.

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Life Expectancy of Beagles

On average, most medium dogs live anywhere from 12-15 years. The same can be said for most standard beagles; however, there are some things that affect their life expectancy. For example, genetics plays a role in determining how long a dog lives. Some breeds live shorter lives than others because of their predisposition to certain diseases or disorders that shorten their lifespans.

Lifestyle factors can also impact how long a dog lives. Take care of your beagle to increase his life expectancy by ensuring that he gets adequate nutrition, lots of water, and exercise. Take your beagle to see a veterinarian regularly so he can stay up-to-date on his vaccinations.


Beagle Exercise Needs

A well-exercised beagle is a happy beagle. Possessing both a lot of energy and plenty of stamina, the Beagle needs a lot of exercises. Include a brisk walk every day. Because they are hound dogs, they have strong instincts to follow scents. Always use a leash when walking this breed or you could run the risk of it disappearing in search of wild game.

Add some intense cardio exercise at least once or twice a week. Try throwing a ball to your Beagle and having him run after it. If you are lucky, he might return it. 🥰