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About Poop Angels

We're the Guardian "Poop" Angels!

Let us be the guardian angels of your lawn! Poop isn’t good for your lawn, your dog or you! Sign up or schedule a call to get started!

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What Do Poop Angels Do?

Dogs are Angels, but dog poop? Not so much.

Picking up dog poop isn’t glamorous, but our goal to make your dog poop clean-up experience heavenly – guaranteed. The Poop Angels will clean up the your pets waste so that your yard is clean enough to welcome anyone, any time – and now you can actually enjoy the space without feeling like it’s a public restroom on display for the landscapers, neighbors, and the underside of your shoes!

Let’s put it this way: Our team of Poop Angels absolutely knows what it takes to be #1 at cleaning up #2.

Enjoy your yard with out the dirty work. 

Yard Poop Cleanup

Meet Heather, Head Angel, & Her Dog Lacey.

As Poop Angels Head Angel, I have nearly 20 years of experience in the pet care industry.  I know what it means to provide excellent service. Our team is made up of caring, trustworthy, and thorough Angels who strive for beautifully clean yards.

It is always a situation in our house too.  Who scooped the poop last and who will scoop the poop next.  And why should it be?!  It doesn’t have to be.  So here I am.  Ready to help you enjoy your yard and your pets without the worry of scooping up the poop any longer. I belong to several pet care business groups both locally and nationally, and in 2018 started the New Jersey Professional Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters Association.  I have also owned and operated trustytails.com since 2006, a pet care company based in Hudson County, NJ.

I can’t wait to get to know you, your pets, and your yard and make the stress of clean up a thing of the past.

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Poop Angel Poop Removal Service

Let the Poop Angels clean up those dirty deeds for you!

Call us today at 973-446-5001.

Poop Angels

Dog Poop Scooping and pet waste removal company servicing Northern New Jersey. A division of Trusty Tails Pet Services.

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