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There’s no denying that having a dog brings much joy into our lives. They make pretty awesome pets.

If you are reading this Poop Angel blog post you almost certainly have at least one furry friend in your family. You wouldn’t be the first to say that everything about dogs is fantastic. Even though as a doggie parent you have responsibilities. Feeding, making sure your pet gets plenty of exercise, regular visits to a vet for shots and checkups, and more. Then there’s the ‘picking up the poop’ part. Not so awesome. After all, who wants to pick up dog poop, Right?

Show of hands if cleaning up dog poop is your least favorite chore. We get that. But it needs to be done, regularly. The health of people, pets, and the environment depends on it. Heavy stuff, huh? No worries. Poop Angels, a professional pooper scooper service, is the dog waste removal solution for our Essex and Passaic County neighbors.

Still on the fence? Stay with us and review our 10 reasons why you need a professional to do the dirty work instead of doing it yourself:

Dog Poop Removal Essex


1. Dog Poop is Yucky

We know you love your pup but dog poop is gross and smells bad, particularly when your little buddy’s yard mines that are not so solid. That’s the worst. Those things alone can make you think picking up after your dog is disgusting and you’re done!

Dog waste is not like fertilizer. It may take years to decompose into organic compounds so the smell and the nastiness can linger on for years. It’s unsightly in your grass and flowerbeds. It can discolor and ruin your beautiful lawn because dog poop is acidic in nature it can burn your lawn and wreak havoc on lawn equipment.

2. Never mess with poop again:

Poop Angels is all about making your life a lot easier as a dog parent. Just imagine never having to ever mess with dog poop again.

A lot of ordinary people can’t stand dog poop. For some of us pet parents, hiring a professional pooper scooper is the only way we are able to keep a dog as a pet. There is no better way to enjoy owning a dog than having Poop Angels eliminate the dirty work.

We are happy to customize services depending on your unique situation. If you have more than a couple of dogs, it’s best to have our pros handle the mess.

3. Eliminates arguments within family/ neighbors:

Poop Angels can help you keep the peace. We’ve been known to completely eliminate arguments within the family when it comes to whose turn it is to scoop the poop. No more kids or spouses refusing to do the disgusting chore or have it fall to you once again.

Having a poop-free yard will make you neighbor of the year! Well maybe just help maintain good relations with neighbors. But that’s a bonus, right? Ever had a neighbor with a few dogs and a backyard full of dog poop? The smell could offend the most long-suffering neighbor. When you have dogs, a clean yard is important if you are going to live in your neighborhood without any problems.

4. Too busy and don’t have time:

Time precious time. Time is money. You can’t add more hours to the day, but you CAN save time. In the priceless few moments, you have for yourself, I bet you have better things to do than pick up dog poop.

Whether two-income families, single-parent household, executive, professional, work from home, stay-at-home mom, or anyone pressed for time, you should consider a dog waste removal service.

When you come home or end your work at home day after long hours, picking up dog poop is the last thing you want to do. Hiring Poop Angels is an investment in your personal free time.

You might even be a pet parent who has plenty of free time but still would be glad to have a service to clean up after your pet for an economical price. You’d like to never have to touch dog poop again and eliminate ‘pick up dog poop’ from your ‘to-do list. We can help!

5. Help for Elderly, People with Physical Limitations/ Disability:

Although having a dog in the home is particularly enjoyable for seniors, baby boomers, and people with physical limitations or disabilities, in particular, they should be cautious about taking on the dog waste removal chore.

If you or a loved one find it nearly impossible or very challenging to clean up after your dog, turn to Poop Angels to keep yards clean. For physically limited dog owners, our dog waste removal service might make the difference between being able to keep a favorite pet or having to get rid of it.

Dog Poop Removal Quote


6. Not as expensive as you may think:

Pooper Scooper service pricing depends on how many dogs you have, how often you want the yard serviced, and the size of your property. Nonetheless, you would be surprised how affordable the service can be.

You can start by getting a free quote. Whether it’s one dog, two dogs – or an entire fleet of fur babies – we can handle the job. You can expect a personal estimate tailored to suit your needs and heavenly service from our Angels each cleanup.

Choosing to hire a pooper scooper will be pretty inexpensive. You’ll find the average cost about the price of a couple of 12 packs of soda or beer, a week. It’s very much worth the investment to keep the messy management of dog poop under consistent control.

7. You and your pets can enjoy the yards again:

The problem of you stepping in dog poop and tracking it into your house, cars or work locations radically lessen when you hire a pooper scooper service.

And do you know what the number one bonus is? Enjoying your backyard again!  For you, your family, friends, and guests it’s time to party, run barefoot, and take pleasure in outside activities while relaxing in a clean yard. Take time to really smell the roses. Only the roses. No more missing out on taking part in outdoor activities due to poop mines.

Your dog will be a lot happier too. At last, they can run around the yard and get the exercise they need. You won’t have any more little brown tracks from them stepping in their own poop and tracking it inside.

8. Help stop polluting water systems:

Large quantities of dog waste can build up and have a very negative effect on our water systems. Yet another important reason why we need to pick up dog poop regularly and dispose of it properly.

After a rain, dog poop along with other pollutants is carried by stormwater directly into our waterways. When it is carried into the streams and drains, dog waste can ultimately end up in local water supplies, rivers, and even oceans.

Once dog waste ends up in a water supply, it adds more nitrogen to the water. Excess nitrogen in water equals reduces levels of oxygen which can ruin the healthy environment necessary for aquatic flora, animals, and fish.


9. Help for poop eating dogs and puppies:

Let’s face it. Dogs eating their poop is a problem. It’s especially a problem with young puppies. You may not see your dog eating feces most of the time, but most dogs will at some point in their life.

Why? Your dog was made to rummage for food. It’s part of its DNA. Waste may just be the next easy meal if your dog is hungry. Eating poop can turn into a lasting problem with your pup if they get started on the habit when they are a puppy.

Hiring a pooper scooper prevents this dreadful inclination from taking hold of your pooch with an always clean yard. A professional, customized service can get you just what you need for poop eating problems.


10. Help stop the spread of disease-carrying pathogens, pests, and dangerous animals:

We saved the scary part for last. Dog poop may contain dangerous pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli, Giardia, Fecal Coliform, Whipworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, Parvovirus, Coronavirus, Cryptosporidium, and Campylobacter. Those are just a few of the hundreds of harmful organisms.

The majority of these organisms can easily be passed on to people and pets. These pesky organisms can cause cramps, diarrhea, and intestinal illness, in pets, children, older people, and persons with weaker immune systems.

Some pathogens like Roundworms and Hookworms can be deposited by infected animals and can survive on the ground for a long time. And as kids and pets play or even when you work in the yard, it can very easily get transferred. More important reasons the poop must be scooped!

As professional pet waste removers, we use equipment sanitation and other safety methods, after leaving every yard, to kill pathogens so not to transfer them from yard to yard.

DOO it Yourself or Hire a Pooper Scooper?

Dog waste will not magically disappear. It poses a serious threat to our environment people and pet health. Whether you scoop it yourself or have a professional do it, it needs to be done.

Hiring a professional helps you accomplish all the items covered in this blog post without really having to spend a lot of money, peace of mind, and the best thing about getting a pooper scooper is that you never again have to deal with stepping in dog poop, handling the painstakingly messy cleanups, the horrible smell or even the nasty flies that come with it.

Poop Angels is here to help! We look forward to answering any of your questions. Reach out anytime.

Tell us what city in Essex or Passaic County are you in? Are your neighbors using a pooper scooper service?